Health Economics

Model Development

Early-phase to highly complex modeling. Our combination of technical and medical skills ensures the relevance of the model to key stakeholders - the backbone for writing up a compelling value-story.


A validated instrument for measuring benefits of Medical Devices. The first of its kind and a result of our own research. Proves our capability of innovative solutions to previously unsolved problems.

Market Access

P&R Roadmap

Always updated on recent developments in the access to markets through local insights of our native speakers of the Nordic languages.

Reimbursement Applications

In the business ever since the Pricing and Reimbursement boards in the Nordic countries were established. With a continuous flow of reimbursement projects we are abreast of trends and turns in an ever changing environment. Experience from >80 reimbursement applications provided to our clients.

Real Life Evidence

Broad and Narrow Scope Projects

Pharmacoepidemiological expertise and long-standing experience. Prospective studies, Retrospective studies, Small data-extraction projects, Large multi-data source studies. The scope depends on time and budget, but our methodological rigor is always the same.

All members of our staff hold a doctoral degree, combined with work experience from the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmacy profession, and academic research institutes.

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